Thursday, April 22, 2010

Friend or foe

There are people who give all they have to help others and people who do nothing but take from others. I have always tried to be a giver. Many people took from me what I gave and others who took when I was not giving. They just took.Ripped off pieces of me. I call them energy suckers. I have fallen victim to these people so many times. I know now why! All of the energy sucker that I have known are good at making you feel a part of there lives. A part of there family. They endear you to them with a sense of welcome, the whole you are a part of my family and I care about you thing! The next thing ya know you are mowing there grass and making them dinner. They ask and I give.I am a patsy for it every time! When they are done with you it hurts big time! I have a selective blindness issue. I will only see the potential of people not who they truly are! At least not until I am left wondering what hell went wrong and why is this person treating me badly. I have in my life been a part of many family's. I was always heartbroken when I realized that this friendship was so one sided and the other person really was just using me. I fall victim to it and try to not let me feeling run away with me. My head fights to stay in control. At this point my inner voice does me no good. It is still that small child's voice that wins." I want a family that will love me, please!" I could kick the shit out of that kid every time I cry over one more loss! I tell her to see the person for what they really are not who they could be or who you want them to be! Stop being so pathetic and grow the fuck up, you do not need what you never had, and if you never had it you can not miss it you do not truly understand what you are missing,....Dumb ass!
The lesson is see people for who they are not who you need them or want them to be!!! Hard to do, but it saves lots of pain trust me and learn from my growth on this one!!!

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