Friday, January 8, 2010

Live, grow, change ...Or something like that!

Well, where to start.. I write all the time for myself and thought that this could be easy. I think right now I was wrong. I am looking at the screen and wishing I could somehow through osmosis let you all in to my head so that you could watch a video of my life. An edited version of course.I would take out the parts where I looked like a fool, or of course bathroom scenes and awkward sex scenes. The video would allow you to know me.The child I was and the woman I became and why. Since that video can not be accessed I hope to give you an understanding of me.Not the one I sugarcoat, but me, the real deal.I am a survivor of life. A student of mankind.Real and self conscious just like you. I learn from everything I experience. That is the goal! It is hard and I am sometimes stupid.

I hope that you are in for the ride with me and that I can in someway help you find yourself through my story.I hope that I can give you the insight that I have to help you to learn, grow and change in the direction that you wish. I am far from perfect here trust me folks...At least 30 pounds overweight and 40 and freaking out about it. I will as my goal try to do this everyday and I will start from where I am at in life.Ya know who I am now and what I am like. I hope ya hang in for the ride with me...That is if anyone reads this! If not then I guess it is for me and my own self awareness. I am a work in progress! A survivor! So I will start my story tomorrow!

Tonight I will think about that video and how to relay it to you....It will not be easy! Hold on to your hats!


Petitfoureyes said...

Well, I'm looking forward to reading your blog!! :) This is Kaherawaks, btw, and my blog which I need to update more is

I'll add you!

jennifer said...

Now that I've spent my morning reading and rereading threw my tears and fears. I find (solice)maybe I'm not sure if thats right. I found myself in your words, scaring the shit out of myself. Not the same as you but close in to many ways. I came from a loving family that took in many people. That had homes like you, I became their outlet. I'm not ready to open up like you. I live a lie, scared to show my self. living what everyone thinks I should. I thre wmy self into everything but me. Confused about many things and why they have happened and blame myself. I;ll follow you, and pray for you maybe finding some peace in myself through your strengths.