Thursday, May 6, 2010

My friend...the brave!

Well, on the road of life, change and growth she goes! My Best friend in the world seance I was 5, is heading out on her life's changing quest! To find out what she wants and needs out of her life and what direction it will take next. Brave! I think that is the word that comes to mind every time I contemplate her plan of action in this time of our lives. Just, brave. She is going away to be alone and look inward. Away to unknown destinations, just getting in her car and going! Changing and growing finding out what she wants from herself and the world. Now, I am sad that my friend will not be here with me in our small town, sitting on her kitchen with me solving all of the problems of the world or sharing a smile and giggle over tea. I worry that she will be sad or have a hard time all alone in the middle of god knows where, but I hugged her goodbye and sent her off with all of my love. I know the trip she is taking and how we all come to a place in our lives when we want more for ourselves and the world around us. Most people will just except where they are and close there eyes to it. While others run from it by putting there heads in the sand and and will not even acknowledge it. To see that a life change is needed and looking away is, giving up or giving in to what we think we are supposed to do. There are those who will not just gel in the mold, they break it! Mold breakers tend to hang together and inspire others to take the same mold breaking chances. Yup, change is infectious.
Now , back to my friend. She is one of the most level headed gals ya will ever meet. So she sees this as a matter of fact kind of thing. No, she does not realize most people would shit themselves at the thought of running to themselves all alone in the big cruel world! Hell most people would never just get in a car and drive with out a plan and a set destination. Funny when you think about it right! Well after all we would not be here if someone didn't take a risky trip across the pond.We all descended from explorers in one way or another. Yet, we find ourselves never leaving the state we grew up in. And never mind the idea of travel into our own souls, digging deep for our answers. That trip is even harder. So now you can see why I love and admire my friend, and why the word is brave! That is who she is, just brave! I wish you well friend. My heart goes with you as does my admiration. Go and find what you need to feed your soul and sing sweetly of it. Grab life and suck the marrow out of it. You are gifted in so many ways. Look inward and drive onward, you my friend rock!!! I will be here when you come home and I will have done my own trip inward, hell we will have a lot to share in that kitchen of yours next we meet and tea may not be enough! I will bring the wine!!!
Now to the rest of you! Come on kidz if change is infectious and growth is the goal, what the hell is holding ya back??? Yer not chicken are ya? Find that inner voice and listen just once, it could change you forever. Be brave!

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Debra said...

Yay for her! Go Girl, Go!
Many times in my life, I have done exactly what she is doing and I was always so very grateful for that beautiful friend who hugged me goodbye and understood the Why of the journey.
Love and light to the Brave One and those of us remaining here will just have to hug each other a little bit more to fill the space... for now. :)