Thursday, July 21, 2011

Been a long time and life has had it's turns!

Well it has been some time! Last I was here things in my life seemed ok. But, truth be told they in fact were not. I was struggling at best. That struggle led me to a serious fork in the road. My eating disorder took over after I found my boyfriend cheating and lying.I feel apart to say the least! A complete mental break. I found my way to rehab with support of my best friend. She saved my life! I am now working my way back to a good life. With the help of my best friend a great counselor and my new girlfriend whom I love vary much. Ok yes I do mean girlfriend as in I am in a gay relationship. We love each other and she is the best person I could have ever found to share my life with. Great soul and kind heart.
I am still working on the effects of my abuse from my childhood, and my eating disorder but...I am working on it not dismissing it or pretending that I do not have issues. Hell, we all have issues! If ya say you don't you are a lair! A big fat ball of denial and a liar! I am just more willing then most to share what I feel openly and honestly.
So I will listen to my inner voice that yells at me daily and I will again begin my blogging. Hope you are ready for some hard truths from me, cause boy do I got some for ya!

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