Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Open eyes.

Not all man are created equal. Some are gifted in spirit, heart and ability to change the way others view the world. I think my gift is just this. I walked in hell, survived and came out on the other side to tell my story to you.I need no pat on the back or pity from you I need you to only look inside of my story and find pieces of yourself. To see that I am a survivor and so are you! That is the gift here. I will not be a victim to abuse, cancer, heartache,cruelty,abnormality, disability or stupidity. I will live, grow and change! I WILL LOVE, SING AND DANCE! I will never give up on myself my children or my friends. I believe in the goodness of man and forgive all else. I forgave my abusers and those who hurt my heart deeply. In forgiveness I grow. I will die with no regrets of my time on this planet. What is the goal for your soul? I hope my gift touches you and insights your growth. All we take with us is our knowledge, our memories, our love. I am a work in progress and I am sure I will be until the day I leave this world I plan to make it count for something! No regrets! I will know that I gave all I could have, loved even my enemies and made a difference in the hearts of others. So that is who I am! Maybe, just maybe that is why I am here, to show that if I can do it others can too. I have been battered but not beaten, I have been lost but not lonely, I am hated but I do not hate. I have always had hope and faith in myself and the powers that be. I will never be lost. I keep finding my self everyday! Enjoy the ride. share with me! Live, Grow and Change!

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